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The requirements of communication solutions in the office today are influenced by changing working practices. Flexibility is key. Home offices, hot desking and mobile workers are complementing desk work in an office more and more.

We offer products and system solutions for working on the move and within a company. And we are happy to advise you on the best equipment for your ITC solution, customised to the working practices and workplaces in your company.

modern office  /  mobile workers

mobile workers
perfectly connected

To enable uninterrupted work when on the move, IT and communication methods must be perfectly aligned. The optimum speech quality and crystal-clear sound are particularly important for mobile workers as they often make telephone calls from noisy environments such as airports, use different devices for this and communicate with colleagues from around the world.

Mobile headsets

Jabra Business headsets for flexible and mobile working

  • e.g. the Jabra Evolve series - new ways of working:
    corded and Bluetooth audio solutions
  • the Jabra Supreme US headset - clear conversations, even in noisy environments
  • the Jabra Motion US - high-definition sound - for the office and when on the move.

Handsets for on the move

The USB handset Plathosys CT 140 – your constant companion

  • Plug&Play
  • Wideband audio performance for natural tone and top speech quality

Mobile conference solutions

The Jabra SPEAK 510

  • light and easy to handle – your smartphone, tablet or PC becomes a high-performance hands-free system
  • cordless connection via Bluetooth or use the USB cable directly
  • any room can become a conference room
  • loudspeaker with 360 degree coverage
modern office  /  hot desking

mobile workplace
in the office

Everyone is talking about hot desking. New office space distribution whereby different employees share one office workspace at different times.

Compared to a fixed workplace per employee, hot desking saves costs as less office workspace is required.

Mobile end devices play an important role here. These should integrate seamlessly in the changing environment without compromising acoustics, functionality & ease of operation.

We can offer you the right customised equipment: from intelligent USB handsets to the best professional headsets on the market. Talk to us.

modern office  /  conference room

for video and
audio meetings

Our portfolio includes professional solutions for small to large teams. The acoustics are always at the forefront. In addition to the pure audio systems from Konf-Tel and Polycom, as a GOLD PARTNER of Logitech we offer outstanding video conference systems with crystal-clear audio and strikingly sharp video.

Audio conferences
Video conferences



modern office  /  smartphone accessories

smart accessories
for your phone

We can offer you accessories for your smartphone from leading providers.

  • Charge and sync cables
  • Power adaptor cables
  • Smartphone cases
  • and many more